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Shelby Hoover, a lifetime artist

Shelby's dream of becoming an artist began in first grade when she won the "Young Artist Achievement Award" in 2005. 

Throughout the years, she experimented with a variety of different media and concepts. From drawing and painting, charcoal and pastel, printmaking, jewelry making, 3-D printing, to tinkering with car models. 

During her time at Muncy High School, she painted several pieces that are still on display to this day; including the insignia that hangs above the main enterance of the building. She was also on the yearbook committee. 

Upon graduating from high school in 2016, she received the "PA Guild of Craftsmen Art Award" for continuing education in the art field.

Her knowledge started to grow when she landed a job as a custom framing supervisor at a local craft store where she ran the department. This opened up another door in the art field; as she was able to learn and work with specialized softwares. This job required a strong emphasis on color theory, craftsmanship and photo manipulation.

Digital technology has been transforming the art world for years, so it was time for Shelby to learn the art of graphic design.

Shelby has came a long way in her career as she continues to build her portfolio. And with the inspiration and support of her brother, she was able to come up with her latest craft - designing race merchandise.

When Shelby is not in the design studio, she enjoys attending the weekly shows at local dirt tracks; to watch her brother race, spend time with family and friends, and meet awesome people. 

Life is nothing but a great big canvas - Throw all of the paint you can it at." 

- Danny Kaye

"Creativity takes courage." 

- Henri Matisse

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